Catherine Cui for MP,
The Change We Needed!
I am really excited at the prospect of representing an area of London that I'm so proud to call my home.
About ME
"Catherine Cui personifies the new generation of Chinese immigrants: well-educated, ambitious, and resilient."

She was born to a blue-collar, working class family in Northern China, moving to Manchester as a student in 2003. At a young age, Catherine was granted two scholarships to attend the University of Cambridge where she studied Economics and later received her MBA.
Catherine dedicated 5 years to the Bank of England post financial crisis.

There she had to restructure broken banks and represent the UK in committees for policies relating to the financial stability across the EU and global. Her first-hand experience in dealing with the EU impelled her to become a PPC for the Brexit Party.
Catherine Cui is a leader, a Cambridge Graduate, and a British Central Banker turned Entrepreneur. It is her goal to create a diverse, prosperous, and a self-sufficient United Kingdom for the people of Poplar and Limehouse.
Catherine will defend democracy in Westminster and fight for an independent Britain which is free to choose its own trade deals and laws.
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Here in Poplar & Limehouse, Catherine will work to improve education by getting our state schools properly funded and fight for equal opportunities amongst our young people.
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Catherine would like to build Britain into a global power, attracting international talent under a fairer immigration policy.
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This Is Our Moment
Catherine Cui is the best possible candidate to lead us into the future. Her first hand experience in the private sector, as well as her diverse background, has given her a unique perspective of the UK's potential in international affairs.
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